Making video games smarter!


Welcome to the abandoned island.  You will receive very little guidance to prepare you for your journey on the island. There are few explanations or instructions.  Instead, you must discover the paths for yourself. Use your mind to open new doorways. Patterns are everywhere. Through the use of these patterns, you move through different areas of the island, with each pattern getting more and more difficult.  You must build from your past knowledge, never quite the same, always challenging you to think beyond the limits, finding new ways to recognize solutions, often thinking that this time you may have reached your limit, only to recognize that the solution was right in front of you.  Welcome to The Witness.

Jonathan Blow’s latest creation is a twisting puzzle that will make you think.  By design, it is different from many of the games on the market.  I invite you to share in the annotation of the Vanity Fair article –In the Wake of Gamergate, Jonathan Blow Is Still Out to Make Video Games Smarter

I used to annotate this article. It’s a great tool for creating a conversation about online articles and readings.  Find out about how to get here. It’s easy and free.

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