Personalized and Adaptive Learning



Personalized Learning (INTE 6750, May 2015): An  examination of personalized learning in three different environments – K12, Higher Education, and Corporations.  A joint project that included case studies, implications for practice, and a critical review of each environment.  The project consisted of a Prezi presentation and report.

Research topic – Using Knowledge Graphs in Adaptive Learning Environments:

Research ProposalPersonal Knowledge Graphs: Making adaptive learning systems more accessible through the use of personal knowledge graphs.  Knowledge graphs have the potential to provide a method for moving student knowledge data between adaptive learning systems, but more research is needed to determine protocols and usability.

Literature Review – This paper argues that knowledge graphs are the data structures that are the most compatible with personal ownership of learning objects. Knowledge graphs are already used in a number existing Adaptive Learning Systems, and can be modified to reflect the complex knowledge and skills of individual learners. The potential benefits of adaptive learning systems that can adapt to a learner’s lifelong learning quest, and that are controlled by the learner themselves, are worth further research.

Mobile Knowledge with Adaptive Learning: Knowledge on the Move.  An online course that briefly introduces the topics of adaptive learning, knowledge graphs, and how combining the two has the potential to make knowledge mobile between adaptive learning systems.  Considered by some researchers to be a significant problem with adaptive systems (see design document), mobile knowledge has the potential to further acceptance of these systems.

Adaptive Learning and Data Analytics – Snake Oil or Revolution: This Networked NLSLearning Space (NLS) is a Google Community created to share my interests in adaptive learning and data analytics.  Some people see adaptive learning as the new revolution in education, while others see it as just the latest fad.  And still others are on the fence and haven’t made up their mind yet.  Find out more about the debate at my NLS.  And be sure to join the conversation.

university logoEducation Program 2046: A fun look at adaptive learning in the year 2046.  This web site simulates how education might work in the future, with knowledge graphs used to determine knowledge and skills level, adapting the learning program to the needs of the student.