• Coming Soon! – Storytelling: The Glue That Makes Teaching Stick.  Webinar to be presented on May 7, 2016 introducing storytelling as a teaching strategy.  Includes interactive sessions on building stories to help introduce concepts, create cohesion with teams, and helping with structured activities to improve retention.  Includes a Google Community with a variety of resources on the topic.


Web Sites

INTE 6710 b

eLearning Trends (INTE 6750, March 2015): Web site by our project team (the eTrenders) to examine eLearning Trends.  We created the site as an overview of past, present, and future trends in eLearning.



network learning space


Adaptive Learning and Data Analytics – Snake Oil or Revolution: I created this networked learning space as a Google Community in order to share my interests in adaptive learning and data analytics.  Some people see adaptive learning as the new revolution in education, while others see it as just the latest fad.  And still others are on the fence and haven’t made up their mind yet.  Find out more about the debate at my NLS.  And be sure to join the conversation.


portfolio title 3

  • inte6750a

    Personalized Learning (INTE 6750, May 2015): An examination of personalized learning in three different environments – K12, Higher Education, and Corporations.  A joint project that included case studies, implications for practice, and a critical review of each environment.  The project consisted of a Prezi presentation and an accompanying report.