Instructional Design

Mobile Knowledge With Adaptive Learning: Design document for an online course about knowledge graphs in an adaptive learning environment (link to the course).   The course is designed to provide an introduction to some of the basic concepts of adaptive learning systems and knowledge graphs.  It also introduces the concept of mobile knowledge as an important component to consider when implementing adaptive learning systems.

Financial Literacy Course: A course developed to educate veterinary students on the basics of financial literacy and student debt.  A problem for many students graduating from college, it’s an even more significant problem for veterinary graduates.  The course was developed using Articulate’s Storyline 360.  The course includes an Infographic that introduces students to the topic.

Learning American English: An instructional design proposal developed by Craig McKey and myself in the Spring of 2017.  The proposal was for ARISE Impact, an Indian not-for-profit organization that enables self-learning for the differently enabled. The project focused on visually impaired students from India who will be attending college in the United States.