WebinarStorytelling: The Glue That Makes Teaching Stick.  Presented on May 7, 2016 introducing storytelling as a teaching strategy.  Included interactive sessions on building stories to help introduce concepts, create cohesion with teams, and helping with structured activities to improve retention.  Included a Google Community with a variety of resources on the topic.

Portfolio – Learning with Digital Stories: A portfolio of reflections and insights from INTE 5340, Fall 2016.  An examination of digital storytelling with special emphasis on my topic, “The Beautiful Game”.  Storytelling through videos, music selection, image creation, and narratives.

Gallery Walk: A Prezi presentation that I created that was reflective of my exploration in Learning with Digital Stories.  The presentation highlights some of my favorite stories, and how they affected me.

Some of my stories:

  • Video – A Beautiful Game: Reflections on my time spent coaching soccer with my two sons. How the game changed who I am and how I see my sons.
  • Pecha Kucha – The Poverty Landscape: A look at poverty in my home town.  Poverty is often hidden from view, even when it is all around us.
  • Video – We Remember: On April 16, 2017 the campus of Virginia Tech remembered the shootings that took place 10 years earlier.  We won’t forget those who left us too early.
  • Video – Buffalo: A light-hearted look at the sentence Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  • Podcast – White Noise: The color of noise, white noise has many uses including help with sleeping.  I explore some of the uses, myths about, and features of white noise.
  • Video – Reflections: Living through a long period of racial tensions, I reflect on how my life was influenced by those tensions.