About Me

I was born in Denver, Colorado.

I now live in Blacksburg, Virginia

And I’ve made many stops in between.  But what I’ve always treasured is exploring. Whether it’s new locations, new ideas, new technologies, or new experiences.  And now I want to share some of what I’ve found with others.

My philosophy on education: As an educator I feel that it’s important for me to teach others the wonder and joy of exploring.  Every day I try to bring something new into my life because I never know when that stone that I picked up along the way will turn out to be a gem.  And that wonder and joy of exploring, that finding of new and fascinating bits of knowledge every day, is what I strive to bring to others.  There are so many fascinating ideas, techniques, and technologies that can be integrated into learning that it can be overwhelming to know where to start.  With all of the connections that can be made to the world around us, we are constantly challenged to incorporate the significant and to leave behind the mundane.  But I am excited about the future of education and the use of learning technologies to bring more people into a new and fascinating world.

A bit more about me:  I am married with two sons.  I feel that my wife and I have been on an adventure every since my first son was born in 1997.  It’s been a wild, exhilarating, interesting, and sometimes scary ride that I’m thankful for every day.  We also have a cat and dog that make up the rest of our family.  I’ve been working in Higher Education for the past 29 years because of my strong desire to spend my days helping others, and education is one of the most direct connections that I can make with other people on a daily basis.  I hope you’ll join me in sharing my explorations.

Dave Edinburgh 2
Edinburgh, Scotland


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