Daily Create – The ocean at the end of my backyard…

Legend had it that “someone” actually challenged the bull and broke his leg in a hole as he ran away.  Surely it must have been the end of that “someone”.

But here we were, intrepid adventurers climbing through the fence to the wide open west that was our neighbor’s land.  Cast off were the warnings from our parents not to go into the so called “farmland” next to our house.  We knew better.  We knew that it was actually the dangerous badlands where men (okay, boys) would prove their merit by how close they could get to the bull that was known to inhabit these parts.

Each step seemed to take us further and further from the safety and security that was our yard.  But we moved on with stealth prodded by the constant pressure of our friends saying, “What, are you scared?”.

Suddenly, someone yelled, “There it is!”  A quick glance confirmed that there was indeed some large black shape on the horizon.

Off we bolted!  Panting as we ran, someone asked if it was closing in on us.  But not wanting to slow down to take a look, we all ran as fast as we could towards safety.  Flying through the barbed-wire fence my brother ripped his new shirt.  It was a small price to pay for my brother’s life.  And surely our mom would understand that.

Back in our safe place with a fence between us and the dreaded bull, we looked back to see where the ferocious beast could be.  We all swore that we had felt him breathing down our necks. He must have given up the chase when he saw that he had no chance of catching us.

Victory was ours!  We’d proven once again that we were the bravest of the brave. Alas the poor soul who didn’t make it out.  If only he had been as agile.

Painting by Robin Weiss



Looking back many years later I chuckle with the thought of a bored cow munching on it’s lunch warily watching 4 screaming boys running across the field.


The ocean at the end of my backyard…

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