A Fresh Look at Adaptive Learning

I’m still wandering through the world of big data and it’s use in adaptive learning.  I ran across this twitter post that highlighted a blog post at ELTjam, a great blog for teaching English with an emphasis on using technology (check out my resources page).  Here is the twitter post with a link to the blog post:


I found the post interesting because it introduced me to the idea of adaptive content, classroom, and curriculum as a new way to think about adaptive learning.  I immediately connected with the following statement from the post, ” Upon completion of a given activity, the system directs the student to the next activity. That is not adaptive learning, but rather adaptive content; it is the content sequence (of “activities”) that adapts to the learner’s past performance.”  It’s a fresh way to think of a hot topic in eLearning.

2 thoughts on “A Fresh Look at Adaptive Learning

  1. Meagan

    The quote you picked out was really interesting. I have been thinking about adaptive learning/content this week after hearing an NPR piece. The CEO of Knewton explains his robot tutor like it can read your mind. Then, later in the piece, someone accused him of selling snake oil. It scares me to put too much reliance on technology to reach students but I am a proponent of a teacher adapting to the needs of students. Here is the article if you are interested: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2015/10/13/437265231/meet-the-mind-reading-robo-tutor-in-the-sky


  2. Thanks for the great link Meagan. I definitely think that we need to view adaptive learning with a critical eye. I really liked the closing quote that adaptive learning from Knewton is some where between, ” snake oil and Revolution “


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