Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

June 2001 to presentDirector of Information Systems. I am currently the Director of Information Systems for the college and teaching hospital. My responsibilities include management of two units within the college, including the Technology Support Center, and the Application Development/Systems Administration Group with a combined staff of 9 full-time employees and 1 part-time wage employee.

  • My current work includes establishing college information technology priorities, and providing management oversight of the implementation of  ITIL Service Management processes. I am responsible for incorporating the Canvas Learning Management System into our college’s curriculum.  I am also working to implement the Active Learning Platform from Echo360 into our classrooms.
  • My responsibilities include budget oversight for the two units, project planning and coordination, interaction with the college’s user community, interaction with the university community, and daily management of the Applications Development staff activities.
  • Initially, I was responsible for the consolidation of three different IT groups into a single organizational unit. This consolidation included developing budgets, hiring new staff, and consolidating the infrastructure into a single, college-wide architecture.
  • Major initiatives over the past 14 years have included significant upgrades to the college IT infrastructure, implementation of college-wide IT policies and procedures, and the development of a hospital information system. In addition, I am responsible for working with university IT departments to ensure compatible project development. I also work with two remote campuses of the college to ensure compatible IT development and deployment. I currently sit on two governing boards at the college.