University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

January 1996 to August 1999 Manager of Network and Technical Services Department, University Management Systems. I managed a department of eighteen Network Analysts and System Administrators.

  • I was responsible for the coordination/management of staff activities during the design, implementation, and maintenance of information systems and network components.
  • My responsibilities included working with customers to design systems, developing and maintaining project schedules, providing upper management with recommendations on architecture, and working with vendors to evaluate products.
  • I was also responsible for all of the personnel issues within the department, including performance reviews, job classifications, hiring, and retention.
  • Department activities include implementation of Web services, TCP/IP services (DNS, FTP, email, and NFS), Unix servers (Digital Unix, Sun and HP), Oracle database servers, Windows NT servers, OS/2 servers, Macintosh workstations, and Windows workstations.
  • Network activities include implementation of CiscoWorks network management, implementation of a two-tier firewall, and hardware upgrades. Also included maintenance of systems such as OpenVMS servers, mainframe connectivity, Voice Response Systems, and Help Desk support functions.

July 1990 to January 1996Senior Network Analyst, University Management Systems. Implemented and maintained a wide variety of University wide and departmental systems.

  • Included Unix Oracle Database servers, TCP/IP email servers, TCP/IP networks, OS/2 based Voice Response systems, Netscape Web Servers, mainframe resource accounting system, Data-warehouse servers, Help Desk support applications, Novell Netware 3.12 LANs, Macintosh LANs using Appletalk, DECnet and Ethernet networks, Windows 3.1 applications, Windows 95 applications, Windows NT servers, and Gopher Servers.
  • Worked as project lead on a number of application implementation projects, and worked with vendors, users, and technical personnel to design/configure systems.
  • Extensive experience installing hardware components, including RAID disk systems, Network Interface Cards, workstations and servers. I also assisted in management of WAN components such as Cisco routers, SNA gateways, DECnet gateways, 3Com hubs, and T1 links.